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I am sorry followers, I have been dealing with finals. So I apologize for the long delay.

But I have caught a great story that would amaze you followers about the thing this person is doing because of her disability.

From the public we feel as if the celebrity crowd does not have a great say in the special need community field. But that is not the case. Least for one in particular actor/song writer/ comedian. This triple treat  talent has done it all one could think of. But he has stepped up to the plate to back his great sister in the effort to make the world more aware of Down Syndrome. He has been around this special need for 26 years. And has did everything he could to make his audience let alone the world about down Syndrome.

The triple treat talent, is Jamie Foxx. He has a sister that is 26 years old, with the special need of Down Syndrome. He has back his sister to the point where she has came with him on tour, accompanied him to award shows, and performed with him on stage. He has not let the spot light take him away from his great doings for his  sister. But use that stage to make the crowds aware of the disabilities that are out there.

I went to a concert myself over this 2011 summer. At this concert his sister DeOndra Dixon, came out and performed with Jamie. She was not just in the back cheering on her brother. But on stage dancing step for step with the back up dancers. She was perfection up there. She made it look so easy. In my opinion most of the audience would not have known she had Down Syndrome because she carried her self as if she was a regular adult. But after Jamie shined the spot light on her, he made the crowd aware of that she had Down Syndrome. And that she was not just a adult with Down Syndrome but the Spokes person for Down Syndrome.

That is a huge accomplishment, because she is not a voice for one person but a voice for a big community.

The words I will leave you with is Jamie Foxx quote from people magazine interview “One thing people may not understand is that the love a person with special needs gives you is unfiltered”

Strong words


O.K. in this post I will talk to the crowd that is single, the single crowd with special needs children looking for a husband that will not leave his/her children because of their child having special needs. I came across a story that will make you feel like this was a story book ending story.

Have you ever had some that would run away from a situation, when the situation would get hard, which end up affecting you and your future relationships. Imagine having previous relationships where  men/women always left you once they found out you had a  special needs child. Even though it was not fair to you and your kids you start to thinking everyone is this same way where they can not accept your situation. But what happens if someone came across in your life where things were different. To the point where you thought it was unreal. Where you did not want to give it a true chance to work out because of the previous people who has hurt you and your family before.

In the case of a stock boy and a checkout girl it seems as if destiny was meant to happen between one and another. The stock boy Kurtis believed that Brenda was a very attractive lady. Her being an older lady made her more attractive because that is what he preferred. So he approached her with respect and kindness and asked if he could take her home from work one day. He looked harmless in her eyes. After dropping her off he asked if they could go out sometime. She was very hesitant because she really did not know him. But took a chance and said that she would have to find a baby sitter.

As Kurtis arrived at Brenda house, she let him know that they could not go out because she could not find a babysitter. Well Kurtis suggested that she should bring them along on the date. But Brenda was very hesitant about doing that. When she finally showed him why she could not just bring her children. Her first child was  an adorable child little girl. But her son came out on a wheel chair, he was paraplegic with Down Syndrome . But that did not affect Kurtis in any kind of way.

To Brenda this was a surprise because many men have left their life because of her children having special needs. So to this was knew to Brenda. A man who is willing to go above and beyond for a child that is not even his. But as the kids loved Kurtis over time Brenda new this was the man she wanted to spend her life with.

NOW a days the Warner family lives in Arizona. Kurt Warner a former MVP of the NFL and a Super Bowl champ of the NFL. The Warner Family added two more children, and now they are a very happy family.

To all my followers have you guys ever had someone so unstoppable in a video game, and you wondered why/how that person even started to become that good? Have  you wondered is that all they do is play video games to get that good? Or do they just natural no how to play a game so good? For me, I had to witness it my self because I never really could understand how a person could ever get that good in one video game. I just always thought it was impossible for someone to be that good without cheating. I started to become a believer. When i noticed my sister (she has special needs as you all may know) destroying her competition in super mario brothers.

My sister was not just beating these people but destroying her competition by outrageous defeats. I did not think anything of it at first but once i noticed it i really had to try and see for myself. So I played my sister in super mario brothers, and even though i gave her some good competition in the beginning, she end up treating me like her other competition. She made me look like i did know how to play the game. It seemed as if every time I would back from the death, i would end up dying again. I just felt like I was playing the computer on a super hard level. I was upset with my self for even loosing to my sister. But at the end of the day i was just mad i lost for all the older brothers around the world. If anyone knows when you are a older sibling, you do not want to loose to your younger sibling. Reason being because your younger sibling will not ever let it go.

Even though i lost to my sister, I took away from the whole situation that just because you are a child with special needs does not mean that you are limited to being the best. My sister proved that to me by beating me like a champion. Even though she still throws it in my face all the time she still proved to me that she was a dominant force to be messing with.

The Leftooted Inspiration

Have you ever seen someone do something out of the ordinary to perfection? I am talking about doing something to the degree where you believed that it could never do, but they surprise you to the point where you are thinking this is a genius idea.

This inspirational story I will bring to you, is a woman with a unique talent, that will have you really wanting to try someways in order to do something. She proved that just because one has a special need that does not mean this will limit her from experiencing the regular life as an child with special needs. With this occurring she proves that  there is know limit to children with special needs.

Christy Brown, is a man that was born with severe Cerebral Palsy. He also was not able to to hold his head up right, and had a speech impairment. This was limiting him from even being able to talk /communicate to even his parents and siblings.  But he did not let that limit him from fully being able to communicate with anyone else.

He would start to communicate with people by communicate with writing with his feet and toes. He discovered this by grabbing a piece of chalk from his sister, he discovered that he could move his feet and toes due to the interaction with his sister.

Once he found out he could do that, he realized he could do more than just little things but he could start using this as a way to communicate with people. With his deep thoughts that he wrote down on paper, he realized that he could express his self through his writings.

With his writings he has won a Academy Award. With his book called “My left foot”. This book gives the audience a inspiration that anyone with a special need can conquer anything. The more people can realize that children with special needs can do anything the more/better our world would be


Thankgiving 2011

This blog I will just talk about how thankful I am for my little sister, she has overcame a lot and everyday is something new she adds something new to my life every year. As many times as I thought she will have a tough time doing something she ends up breaking that mold and ends up doing it her self. Prime example was this thanksgiving. I did not think my sister was going to be able to contribute to this thanksgiving but she end up proving me and my family wrong.

I swear my sister knows how to put a smile on my face without even trying. Her hard work to overcome everything makes me so proud of her each and everyday. This thanksgiving my sister made it know she wanted to make a cake to contribute to the  desert for thanksgiving. And she was determined to make sure that she got all the ingredients to make a big cake for the family and guest.

My sister started off by asking for help, and than took everything upon her self. She started off messy and I did not think my mother was going to let her continue. But she started to slowly but surely  improving. She started to beat the batter and the eggs together. With her beating everything together she started to pour the batter in the pan. But ending up spilling it a lot on the counter. But after she put the rest of the batter in the oven.

Autistic Boy Makes a Splash

How many of  you followers, have had trouble swimming when you were younger? Or acted like you knew how to swim to show out in front of your friends when you truly did not know how to swim? In my family case, I use to act like I could swim just so they could not make fun of me anymore but it back fired on me. What i mean truly backfired, it truly back fired. I jumped into the pool and was in the middle of the whole pool and I had no way to get to the other side. So I sunk and screamed for someone to help. Because i truly did not know how to swim.  My older brother had to jump in the pool to save me and give me CPR. It was a traumatic experience that i will never forget.

Well I truly read about an inspirational story that had to do  with a certain situation that i had to do with. But it had a little twist that i think my audience will truly be happy with.

Matthew Kennedy went with his family on a typical day to the pool. But today was a very different day unlike others. This day was going on like any other day.  But it took a turn for the worse. Emily Gold, age 3 was drowning  in the pool. And with no hesitation Matthew jumped in the pool to save her. He jumped into the pool grabbed her by the arms, lifted her head above the water and then proceed to pull her out the pool. With pulling her out the pool she than received CPR from the lifeguard that was on duty. She was not breathing on her own. But after CPR was performed she started to be aware and alert.

But the catch of all this Matthew Kennedy is an autistic child. An at eight he knew exactly what to do in this type of situation. And instead of hesitating and waiting to jump in the pool, he followed the procedure that he was taught from his instructor.

Today Matthew might be looked at as a hero to many, but to him he was just doing what he felt as what many other would do in the situation.

“All we need is an opportunity to prove to the world we are all the same”

A Writer With Special Talent

Have you ever seen a person with some kind of disability and think they can not do something like that? Before I was educated on children with disabilities I use to believe that children with disabilities could not have the capabilities to do the things that regular could. But I was wrong on so many different levels. A prime example, of a person with disabilities is Steven Salmon. This man has changed the world, not with his speaking, but with his actions/creative mind. He has a way to expressing his self that not a a lot of people with his disability was able to do, or believed he could do.

Steven attended Madison College, but ended up graduating from the University-Wisconson-Stevens Point. Even though he was diagnosed with atheoid cerebral palsy, he still did not let that stop him from doing what he was determined to do.

After graduating from high school, he was not able to attend college he had a vocal rehab training. This  slowed him down from getting to college but did not stop his determination from getting to his goal and that continuing his education. His education was more important to him than anything else.

Steven was so determined with his career that he did not limit his self. He was so determined that he found a way to overcome everything by writing his own book. Even though he had a trouble swallowing or even walking. He still could use a pencil in his mouth to write his thoughts. Or even use the pencil to punch at the keyboard.

Even though this way took him a long time to write this book, he still did it his way. It took him over 2 years to do write this book. He was proud of his self because he did it his way and did not let anyone get in his way.

He hired a interpreter to help him with his, speech, and to translate some of his interviews. This helped him get his point across more to his audience.

His main point that he wanted to get to his audience was that with opportunity, people can overcome their challenges.


Steven Salmon 

A Child With Bieber Fever

I know most of you followers have young children. How many of your children have listened or are listening to the  singer Justin Bieber? If your child listens to this artist, they probably go crazy for this teenager singer. Have you ever took you child to one of his concerts ? Have you seen how crazy these young girls go for this young teenage singer? If you parents/siblings have not than you have not seen the craziness I have seen. But I am going to try to give you a good insight on how crazy this teenage singer has gotten my little sister.

My sister has special needs (Cerebral Palsy) but from talking to her you would think she was a normal kid. She loves playing/watching sports and also has crushes on celebrities just like any teenager would do. Since my sister was ten. She has loved Justin Bieber to death. When I mean to death she has pictures on her wall, an essay that she has written about him, and also a signed picture by Justin Bieber from his fan club. But that was not how the obsession (yes I mean the craziness of her affection) began.

I took my sister to see him live in concert for her birthday. She was surprised because she did not know anything about it. But this was her first concert so I did not know how she would react. I thought she would not like it and want to go home. But I was so wrong. When we got there she really did not have so much fun because the opening acts were playing. But as soon as she seen Justin Bieber come onto his set. I have never seen a girl light up so much because of a singer. She started to scream (when I mean scream I mean scream louder than every little girl their) and hurt my ears. All I could do was smile because it made me so happy that she was finally as happy as some of the regular kids.

Justin has this performance where he flys on this heart into the audience. And this is where my sister went even more crazy. She thought she was going to be able touch him. So she tried to outscream the audience. Even though she could not she still had a blast.

She smiled and have one of the most memorable times of her life.

So if you let your children listen to Justin this is just a little of how they will act.


New Style Beethoven

I know some of my followers might never know who Beethoven really is as a composer? But have you guys ever heard a composer such as Stevie Wonder? To where you hear the piano being played is nothing but a perfect sound to you ears.Even though Stevie had a disability he did not let that stop him from being one of the best pianoest that has ever touched the piano.

A special needs child showed his skills by playing the piano with no hands or for arms. He should all his skills on the keyboard with so much ease. It inspired the audience to really see his true passion on the keyboard. He might not have the arms to reach as far as someone with arms could. But that did not stop him, he was able use his mouth to touch some of the keys on the piano.

The music that he played truly touched your heart to the point where all you could do was shed away tears because of the beautiful touching music that he played. The music hit every aspect of a good tune. He took his time playing each key so the audience could truly passion behind his music.

Seeing this child play this keyboard, made it truly inspirational because it let you know that everything is possible to do. Especially because when people feel as if they can not do anything, or feel as if their life is hard, they should look toward this piece and see that a disability will not stop them from being who they are. They embrace their situation and do not give any set of doubt that they can not continue on their dream. Some days might be hard where you a special needs child might get down, but with encouragement and words that can let them know that they can do anything, will change thier mindset.
As siblings all special needs children is a belief in them, so they can show you how great they are at certain things.

Motivational story.

A Proud Brother

Have you ever just got to the point where one sibling had made you so happy where all you wanted to do was tell the whole world let alone the people you know about the situation? Well for me i am a proud brother. I know i have talked numerous of times about my sister and the great things she has done. But for some reason there always is more. This was her week. And even though i had a bad week, her having a good day made mine.

My sister this week received her award of an 4.0 scholar.  She went into this year with having  lot on her plate, with not having my family because a lot of us was in school. It did not affect her a lot, but as a family we thought it would because she was not able to have my mom around all the time like she was before. For example my mom would not be home for her to grade her homework, or even watch over her when she has to do an assignment.

But even though my family was not around as much, we still had a great family member of the family take care of her. She made my sister feel as if my mother was still around. She helped and gave my sister the one on one attention she needs to do  a lot.

But the reason why her receiving this award was so special to me was because i was never ever able to receive this award. I was always close with a 3.8 but never  4.0. Even though I wont tell her she is smarter than me and will have a better final gpa than me when starts highschool.

So I love you little sister you make me proud everyday, you do not let your special need define you and you overcome more than I could ever could. I love you.